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Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

The area surrounding Junquillal contains great conditions for one of my personal favorite activities. Even though the water visibility is not as cristal clear as the Carribeean side of Costa Rica (Underwater Visibility is from 20-70 feet), you will not be dissapointed at all. Due to the higher amounts of Plankton concetration in the Pacific, much more larger marine animals are attracted to prime locations which offer a very unique and intense experience. There are 2 special beaches called Playa Blanca and Pargos to the North that are very close to Junquillal and where snorkeling can be practiced.


For Scuba Diving, Tamarindo Beach and Flamingo Beach to the north are considered the Diving centers for the area and offers PADI certifications and SSI Dealers. If you are interested in the Northern Pacific, Playas del Coco has a great offer for Day and Nite dives to such incredible locations like the Islas Murcielago (Bat Islands) and Catalina Islands where you can see specimens like the Cortez Angelfish, Parrotfish, Clown Shrimp, Spotted Eagle Ray, Hogfish, Whales and several spicies and Sharks. Also expect to wonder at impresive submurged bridges, caverns, coral and sponges. Other local Prime Locations linclude; 

Punta Gorda. Great spot for several varieties of Eels and Stone Fish, and one of the few sites with hard coral. This location is 15-20' deep on and decends 75-80' where a large concetration of Marine Life is found,

Bajo Tiburones - This location consist of 3 major Rock Formations. Here you will see Sting Rays and white-tip sharks. Inside the crevices of this great site you will see where the sharks and squirrel fish live.

Aquarium - The name if this spot says it all. Any animal that can be seen in the area has been spotted here at some time. Even though the normal dive depth is around 80ft, there are spots as deep as 130'.

Anchor - Location of a huge sunken galleon anchor which lays against a rock at 40'´Depth. The rocks and sand banks provide shelter for a colorful assostmant of fish, rays, scorpion fish and octopi.

Weather you are a Profesional Diver or somebody with a Snorkel and has never seen the ocean, the acuatic scenery surrounding Junquillal Beach has something special for everybody. In case you are interested in the several courses available in the area, i have listed these below.

Resort Course - It includes half day of training , pool and theory. 

SSI o PADI Open Water Diver - Full certification course, 4/5 days of theory. It includes 5 sections of theory, 2 classes in the pool, 4 dives, equipment, boat transfer, manual and certi-fication fees.

Referral Open Water Diver - 2 days of 2 tank dive tour with a total of 4 dives to complete the OWD certification.
Specialty - It includes academic and open water training for one of SSI or PADI specialties

SSI or PADI Advanced Course - 4 or 5 SSI or PADI specialties

First Aid - First aid course dedicated to scuba

Stress & Rescue - Self rescue and rescue training for divers

Divecon (SSI) /Divemaster (PADI) - The first level of professiol If you are interested in the beaches of the northern pacific, Playas del Coco offers a variety of tours, which include the Murcielago and Catalina Islands, here some of the incredible specimens that can be seen are Cortez angelfish, parrotfish, clown shrimp, spotted eagle rays, hogfish and bull sharks as well as many more.