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Sport Fishing

Why is Sport Fishing so Incredible? Besides that fact that you are engaged in a ancient battle of man against beast, the prize is oh so delicious. In Junquillal Beach you can practice 2 types of Fishing, with one way consisting of fishing close to the shore or renting a Panga or getting a Sport Fish Tour either for half day or full day tours in deep water (You will have to go to Flamingo or Tamarindo to get the tour). Since we are located in a under-devolped area of the country you can take advantage the continental platform that is dramatically shifted by deep water trenches that permit big game specimans at your disposal very near to the shore.

Local Fishing at Junquillal's Nandamojo RiverHere you will encounter Wahoo, Jacks, Grouper, Mackerels, Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Tunas and Roosterfish.  Ofcourse if you are looking for a more artisan experience, we recommend doing some fishing with the locals at the reefs on the point of the beach or at the stuary of the Nandamojo River, this will be better in low tide and a great trip to do with kids and family. Getting in tuch with a local will garantee prime conditions since they make a living hooking the best game, plus you will have the chance to meet nice people!.

As we have said, Tamarindo and Flamingo are the economically developed towns that are closest to Junquillal and often  reserve charters for Marlin, Sailfish and Big Tunas if you are interested in fierce deep water battles with fish that can just as well have you for breakfast if you are not careful. Whlle this in a more expensive option, the experince is well worth it. Anyway you go, you will find out why Costa Rica is known as a World Class place for Sportfishing, ofter holding International Tournaments.